Roundtable Discussions

ICEC Roundtable Discussions will have an updated format for 2019!

The opportunity for colleagues to exchange and discuss ideas in an informal, roundtable setting has been an annual feature of the International Cancer Education Conference (ICEC). Under a series of broadly-themed headings, the discussions allow us to talk with experienced colleagues in the field, to test and refine ideas, and to establish contacts who could be helpful for further discussion and exchange in future. With those aspirations in mind, this year we are making changes to the way we organize the roundtables which we believe will serve you better in those needs:

  • Our discussion themes are organized under five broad headings.
  • During conference registration, you can choose one area that you are most interested in for the roundtable discussions (but you can change your mind if desired).
  • Each of the discussion themes has an open Google document where you can raise subjects you would like to discuss ahead of time. If particular sub-themes emerge in the preconference discussions, we may allocate a designated table or tables to that sub-topic.
  • The roundtables will take place over luncheon on Thursday of the conference. Each table seats ten people. We are seeking volunteers to act as table facilitators. If an area is of interest to you, then what could be better than hosting the discussion – it’s very straightforward and we will assist by providing discussion sheets and a brief pre-session get together. Email Jen Alluisi if you are interested in being a roundtable facilitator.
  • This year will provide some exciting opportunities for our next generation of cancer educators to gain experience in sharing and developing ideas. We will include at least one student at each table to assist the facilitator, bring forward ideas, and capture and record the discussion conclusions. Students and trainees, email Jen Alluisi if you are interested in being an assistant facilitator at a roundtable.
  • After the conclusion of the lunch meeting, the points of discussion will be written up in a Google document along with the contact details of attendees. These documents will remain open after the conference to encourage further discussion or questions.
  • Our broad discussion themes are listed to the right and include links to the relevant Google documents prepared for discussion.

ICEC Roundtable Themes 2019

Colleagues are welcome to raise any area for discussion that falls within the broad themes above. However, we especially encourage ideas that speak to the wider ICEC conference themes this year:

  • Utilizing technology to innovate globally
  • Utilizing technology to innovate across generations

Any Questions: